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I always have fun decorating the kids bedrooms it’s just one of those things I really enjoy creating cool bedrooms for the kids, I pick a theme and run with it. One thing I have learnt over the years is they really do grow out of things, for example with Master 7 we have done, Winney The Pooh when he was born, then he grew out of that so we went to Toy Story. So when he said his room was too babyish I had to figure out where to go with it next. With his love Astro Boy and Star Wars, I chose a bit of a space theme, not buying any character stuff this time around just generic boy space theme, that way it will last a few more years.

One thing I hated was his clothes would always end up a huge mess in the wardrobe so to over come this I thought like a 7 year old, “How would I know where everything is meant to be?”. I came up with this idea, It’s not new, it has been laid out this way with the signs contacted on for a few years and it has never been messy since, he gets it and it works, you should give it a try it! Break their clothes up in to basic groups, find a pic of that article of clothing on Google, type the word under it, print and stick it down with clear contact. This also works in babies rooms, for those times when hubby puts the clothes away or a friend or relative dresses your little person it helps them find what they need.

I am a huge fan of shelves, we have them all over our house, never forget to use your vertical space. I love these floating shelves from Ikea, they come in all sorts of colours. That way he gets to put his special stuff up high where Little Miss 4 has no chance of getting her hands on it. The reach for the stars message is a wall sticker I got on ebay.

Since 7 year olds love to read, or mine is a complete nerd, I have set him up with a little reading corner. Again Ikea has come to my rescue with this book shelf that keeps his books and special things up high and the toys at the bottom are packed away and look neat! The Ikea egg chair was a gift from an Aunt so now it has a place and a purpose. Notice all the vertical space I am using here that would otherwise be dead space.

So when the time comes and your little guy wants to take the leap from Toy Story to Star Wars you will now have some ideas of how to deck out his room. Master 7 loves it, he said he feels like a teenager with his new room. Every since the makeover he has made a big effort to keep it clean, Little Miss 4 is now banned from entering! So with decorating kids rooms go all out, it’s fun and the kids will love it. Try not to buy in to Dora, Spiderman, all that as the kids just end up growing out of it. Kmart has great bed linen for kids that avoids the characters, more paterns and cute non-Disney creatures. When your little person turns two it’s time to move them in to a bed and decorate their room so they love going in there each night! Have some fun with it. Most of all you have to try the wardrobe lay out stickers it will keep you sane and teach your tots where things go. If they know where to put things the chances are they are more likely to put things away, yey!


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  1. Anonymous

    Absolutely love this post! THANKYOU!!! I struggle with my 3 boys bedrooms and NEVER know what to do with them. We have little space but you have given me some fantastic ideas!

  2. renee01

    Glad to help, make sure you like my Belle Amie Mother of Three facebook page and you will receive updates from my blog for more great tips to keep your boys organised and yourself sane!! Thanks for stopping by! R

  3. renee01

    Thanks Mum’s the Word! The labels were one of my best inventions yet! They really work and were so simple to make. Master 7 has always loved Astro boy, we got them from Ebay. Thanks for your comment. Renee

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