Ikea Hemnes Chest Of Drawers Makeover

Check out my new love handles!!

A little while ago I shared my Lounge Room Mini Makeover and today I finally got to put the finishing touches on it so I had to share that too! I have been waiting patiently for almost a month for my little door knobs to arrive that were bought on Ebay. I wanted to add some bling to my Ikea Hemnes chest of drawers as I just felt it needed a little something extra in order to give it the shabby chic look I was after.

This is what it looked like before it was fine and I loved it, I just saw a little more potential that I wanted to bring out with some bling. So I searched Ebay like an obsessed woman trying to find the perfect handles. Cried at being out bid, but never gave up, until I got what I wanted. Click on the photo for a better shot of what I’m going on about!

This is what they look like today after I dug out the old Phillips head got my inner tradie on and took off all the┬áblack handles and replaced them with my new sparkly glass handles. I LOVE it! It’s added the wow factor that I felt was missing and it looks just like I had hoped. All white and shabby chic my favourite thing at the moment. I just want to stand there and stare at them all day, but that wore off very quickly. Any kid that comes along and puts even the slightest booger on my new handles, look out!

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